Earn some extra cash, be my friend

So I joined this new social networking site that  you can earn revenue from by doing all the things you do on Facebook already. You can only get in through invitation and I am inviting all my friends here on WordPress to join me. It’s called Tsu.

It can be another way to get more views for your blog.

I found out about this site from Alison from Workersonboard.com. I watched a video on her YouTube page and immediately went for it. She is great if you are looking for work at home. She has so many resources and is very knowledgeable. I love tuning into her channel every now and then when I need some extra cash in my pocket and I have the extra time.

I used to be on a site very similar to Tsu called Bubblews but they are not nearly as sophisticated as Tsu. Tsu looks so much easier to use and reminds me a lot of Facebook. It took me literally a few minutes to set up but I am not that social. (lol) Really I am shy.

I will be posting all my blog posts on there as well and hope that you guys join me.

This is a great way to earn a little more money from home while also gaining better stats for your regular site. So come be my friend so I wont be so lonely! Join Here.

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