The Spiderwick Chronicles


Just got done this series and I have to say WOW. I am pretty upset that I didn’t read it when I was younger. I think I would have been 20 times more excited to have read this series than I am now.

This is definitely a series I plan to buy and add to my collection for my children to read later on.

I love the bond that the children have with each other and how much they look out for each other. They all have specials skills that contribute to their success to defeating Mulgarath and his goblins. I also love how the book never gets boring and there is always something going on, always a new problem to solve.

My favorite part would have to be the dwarves and their lifestyle. Especially, the metal tree. Just picturing it in my head was amazing. That was really a nice touch by authors.

Now, I waited until I read all five books to watch the movie and I was very disappointed. Compared to the books it was terrible. I really looked forward to see the books come a live and I just got cheaper, cut down version. It was terrible for me. Maybe for someone who never read the books I can see how the movie would spark some interest but not after reading the books. I was heart broken.

These are definitely books children should read as they promote teamwork, problem solving skills, and family values. Just the world you get immersed into is simply amazing and can’t believe that one person wouldn’t be at least a little interested in how the story ends.

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My Grow A Frog Kit


I am super excited to introduce you all to a fantastic learning resource for teachers, parents, or pet lovers. I personally love GrowAFrog and have worked with them in the past as well as recently. Their products are great, their customer service is great, and the tadpoles are fun to watch. They have lots of options for teachers as well as regular people which makes them very flexible.

Although, their website is a sight for sore eyes, their customer service is fantastic. By email they get back to you very quickly. I have gotten an email back within minutes of emailing them. The most recent order of tadpoles didn’t take to well to my local postal service and came dead but the phone call to GrowAFrog literally took one minute and thirty seconds. They had another tadpole out for delivery the next day. I was very surprised to see them thriving so well these days. My last order of tadpoles was back when I was about 15 or 16 years old and the kit was a little different then it is today. I originally found their kit in The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pa science store. I haven’t been able to find their kits locally but luckily they have like 3 other ways to order.

When i first ordered, the kit only came with a very small habitat, sand for the bottom, maybe even a little decorative tree, and stage one food or tadpole food with a spoon. It also came with a certificate for one or two tadpoles I cant really remember. I do remember that I did recieve two tadpoles for the one little habitat and eventually had to start feeding the tiny pieces of chicken liver once they turned into froglets.

This time I purchased the Tadventures kit. The habitat is a lot larger than the one I bought all those years ago and it includes stage one food, stage two food, and sand for the bottom of the habitat. It also, came with the same little booklet of facts and stories for the kids to read and use. However, this time around I only received one tadpole and it came with the back legs already growing but I am not to upset about that. I bought it for personal reasons not as an educational kit. Sage is only three and while he really likes it and pays close attention to everything I tell him he probably won’t remember and eventually he gets bored.


Stage One Food

This is the stage one food which is more than enough for one or two tadpoles in the same habitat. It makes the water super duper stinky but you don’t really smell it unless you leave the habitat open which you should never do because these guys are escape artists. I will get more into the type of frogs and tadpole habits later.

With this food you are supposed to feed them one little spoon a day. Some of it floats to the bottom and the rest dissolves into the water. These little guys are filter feeders so they eat 24 hours a day. They say this food helps create a natural ecosystem for your little buddies. So, your not supposed to do full water changes, only half water changes every week or 1/4 water changes every other day.


Stage Two Food

This is stage two food for your little froglets. Your supposed to start feeding them this food after they grow their front legs and have only about 1/4 of their tail left. Give them as much as they will eat in a few minutes in the morning and at night. If you run out I know that you can feed them small pieces of chicken liver or I have read that you can feed them Reptomin. Please do your research if you won’t feed them stage two food anymore. These particular frogs are the African Clawed Frogs.



This is the little booklet that comes with every kit I think. Inside you will find stories, facts, and advice on how to care for your froggy friends. It even has a page where you can write the date your froggy friend arrived so that you can celebrate his or her birthday every year. Another page to write down the dates of which each metamorphosis stage began to track the life of your froggy friends and keep kids involved. Be aware that every frog comes with a life time guarantee as well as other guarantees that make sure your frogs are healthy and in tip top shape when you receive them. The life time guarantee is the best thought especially when it comes to kids. Accidents happen. Like maybe you forgot to close the lid on your tank or the cat found its way in. GrowAFrog is there to for you for the life of your froggy friend.


These are the order forms that comes with everything and can give you more of an idea of some of the kits they have and other cool items you can get for your froggy friends. I would really advise checking out their full website and getting a good feel for the company and their product before ordering so that you know exactly what your getting and if that’s really what you want especially if you are ordering for personal gain and not a class room. The cool thing about this company is that if none of your students can take care of the frogglets after they have morphed or if an emergency comes up and you just can’t care for the little guys anymore you can send them back to the company. NEVER let these guys out into the wild as they are an invasive imagespecies and can become pests. Not to mention, according to GrowAFrog the average life span of these guys are about 5 years, however, many people who take good care of them have reported them to live for 20 years.

They also grow pretty big too. About the size of a dollar bill but fatter. So, eventually you will need a larger tank. I would suggest to buy the GrowAFrog filter because I don’t know what kind of filter it is but they are very sensitive to movement and not any noisy filter will. Some filter create currents and that isn’t what these guys like. They enjoy still waters.

imageThis is my habitat. I bought the black one because I like black but they have other super fun colors you can get like gilly green, dew blue, and ribbit red. They also have other fun habitats call tube towns and the ‘big n’ hoppy’ for the bigger frogs. Keep in mind that these habitats are just for your frogs not for other fish or creatures. These frogs are carnivorous and will eat anything smaller than them such as other bite sized frogs or fish. I would also advise putting a live plant in the tank like a bamboo plant. You can also put a snail in to help keep the tank clean. It looks pretty plain in these horrible pictures I took but it actually does look nice in person and is an eye catcher when people come over. My nieces and nephews also love it when they come over. It keeps them busy for a while.


My very own tadpole

Last but not least this is my little tadpole. I haven’t given him or her a name yet because I simply don’t know if it is a boy or girl. I wont know until it is months old towards maturity. The girls are bigger than the boys and the boys usually have these black lines on their arms that are called nuptial pads. As I said earlier these little guys are African Clawed Frogs and are filter feeders when they are tadpoles. They are also see through when they are tadpoles. So no need to dissect because you can see the heart the lungs and every other inside part.

They also stay in the water all their lives and should never be taken out but you can interact with them. In fact, once their older they will eat out of your hand even come when called. Some who aren’t so skittish will even let pet and hold them in the water. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the lid on. Even when you upgrade to a bigger tank because these guys do get big and you will have to get a bigger tank either from GrowAFrog or from your local pet store these guys like to jump out and try to escape.

If you are looking for a cool and easy beginners pet for yourself or class room GrowAFrog is the place for you. They are in expensive and will become a loving family pet over the years. Unless you are a teacher I wouldn’t suggest buying these just as a science project and if you are a teacher please try to at least find a loving home for them before sending them back. They really are cool lovable creatures that deserve a good home as much as other pets. I highly recommend purchasing from the GrowAFrog website and not amazon because you will have a lot more options. Plus, the more people buy from them the cheaper the prices get and I wouldn’t mind having a frog or two.

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The First One Day Monday Post

Hello there,

happy Monday to you all and thanks for reading. This is my first #OneDayMonday post. I have finally gotten around to doing it. I have really been procrastinating but I decided if I really want to go through with it I must make myself get into this habit. So here it goes.

I haven’t really accomplished much other than the fact that I am starting to post more. I also, got a new pet that I would all like you all to meet very soon so stay tuned for that post.

Oh! I almost forgot that I just finished the Spiderwick Chronicles. I also, watched the movie after I finished the series and unfortunately for me, it was a total disappointment. I loved the books way better. I know it is crazy that I never read those books as a kid but I have now and I am glad I did. It is definitely a series I would like to buy and add to my book collection one day.

I will also be reading the second part to the Spiderwick Chronicles and will post a review about both hopefully soon. It is on my to-do list. Please have your kids read it if they haven’t yet. It is so much fun and full of adventure.

Now, this week I would love to get back into coding. Learning on my own is such a bummer. I lack a lot of motivation with all the things I am going through right now but it is something that I love to do and I can not wait to see G.G.{C} come to life. I am pretty good at HTML5 already so I am hoping soon I can move on to CSS3 and Java.

I also, have a scarf I am crocheting that I need to finish and then my next project will be some paper bead jewelry. I have recently fell in love with paper beads and can’t wait to get creative and see what I can come up with.

One more thing I would like to add to my list is my goal to read at least one big book or a few small books a week. I have really been lacking on reading. When I was younger I would allow myself to escape to different worlds all the time. Often times I would lock my self in my room with no television, computer, or phone. Reading was such a passion of mine and I am afraid all the tough stuff I have been through has made me lose a part of my self. So here’s to finding me.

I am so close to all my goals and so happy I have been spending time on myself and not all the drama in the world around me. I have really been through some tough stuff and getting back into blogging and reading has really help me keep myself stable through it all. Thank you guys so much for reading and feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have any questions.

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Weird Snapple “Real Facts”


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What It Means (to me) To Be A Mom

Ever since I can remember I have always had a yearning to care for animals and other small children. I was always the caring type. I always wanted to play house and doctor. I idolized my mom. She was so loved by all of us that I too wanted to be loved unconditionally. As I got older of course I reasoned with my self that I wasn’t ready for the responsibility so I just baby sat and treated my boyfriend like I was his mother. Always asking “are you hungry?”, “did you eat?”, “did you remember to clean your room?”.

I knew one day I would be a mom and until that day I wouldn’t be complete. I always felt like something was missing. Like I was forgetting something. I never let that hold me back but when I had my son I was stunned. I was happy.

After having my son and experiencing what it really is like to be a mom, I am speechless. I knew it would be hard and maybe for me it is a little easier because I am pretty much a natural but I was given a great challenge. A challenge to care for a child who would need a mom that has the patience of god himself, superhuman reflexes, abnormal amounts of strength, and a heart so big it would never run out of love.

Being a mom means being a super hero.

Being a mom to me means being a super hero. Not just any super hero. There is no glory and fame. There is no one cheering you on. Thousands of people wont love you. Everyone criticizes you. I am one of those hero’s who stand in the background. I live in secrecy. My mission is to take care of little Sage and make sure he lives to see another day. Conquering all evil that comes our way.

That might not really sound like a hero but when I look into his eyes I can tell that’s who I am to him. A hero. The person he calls for help whenever evil is lurking. The person who swoops in, in the nick of time to save the day from scratched knees, to the hungry growling monster in his belly. I wipe the booger monsters away and keep the evil ice queen and sun king at bay so that he never feels to cold or to hot. No night prowlers get passed me in fact, they won’t even get near as long as I am close by. Did I mention I move at the speed of light?

Sage being quite the adventurer my reflexes have to be lighting fast. Since before he could walk he was climbing all over tall obstacles, sliding down big kid slides and going towards trouble. He is the most curious kid I ever met who can learn anything just by watching you do it once. I think letting him watch Curious George at an early age was not my best decision.

So you see, being a mother isnt all I first thought it would be. It is much more than that. Being a mother means having great responsibilities while living in the shadows on edge so that I can pounce at the first sign of trouble. It also means being a bag lady if I want to be prepared at all times but sometimes I sacrifice not having absolutely everything he might want so that I have more strength to keep up with him. My little tornado is a tough guy who loves trouble but I love him more. I have conquered many fierce battles and because of that I see myself as one of the greatest hero’s who has ever lived and I hope that one day he does too.

Being a mom means devoting you life to your little one in exchange for booger kisses and smiles. I am pretty much OK with with those terms.

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This is my first One Day Monday post. What the hell is #ONEDAYMONDAY ? Well, since im on a journey to becoming my dream I figured I would need some inspiration along the way and decided since Monday is the most dreadful day of the week I could make it a little more motivating.

Every Monday I will post a #ONEDAYMONDAY post and talk about all the things I want to accomplish, I have accomplished, and am so close to accomplishing. Keeping my mind focused week after week on the future. Forcing my self to think about it, write about it, and visualize it. Never forgetting why I started this blog and where I need to be going.

I totally encourage everyone else to take this and run with it. Make it a positive habit. Spread motivation around with it. Now, I am not sure if anyone else has ever done anything like this before but I am making it my thing now.

If you start participating in #onedaymonday please link your first post in the comment section below. I look forward to reading your posts.

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Wierd Snapple “Real Facts”


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Introducing Sage

For this first post I feel like I should introduce the main character in my life Sage Nasir.

Sage is my 3-year-old son. He was born with gastroschisis. A birth defect that leaves a hole in the right side of the stomach, while he or she is developing in the womb, allowing for internal organs to pass through and develop in the placenta.

From the time I turned 19 weeks pregnant with Sage I was in and out of hospitals. His life has been the greatest adventure of my life. He changed me. Molded me into a different person. I faced a lot of challenges and conquered many fears. I took responsibility to the next level. I learned that having patience is very hard in the fast world we live in today. And, last but not least, i have learned my limits. Sage was my greatest win out of the many battles life has thrown my way.

We went through at least two years of hardship. I was homeless, hungry, and almost never slept. He went through two major surgeries almost dying 3 times. He caught a disease called Necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease, that could have made things so much worse for us but I never let things slip. I never missed a day at the hospital and paid attention to every little detail. We had to live on edge for a long time. When ever we made a trip to the hospital I was always prepared to stay. I felt so lucky to have the team at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia behind me every step of the way. Never losing patience with me and going above and beyond.

Today he is fun, active, and has a very unique personality. He allows me to bring the kid out in myself. He loves science, dinosaurs, and anything with an engine. He loves to run, jump, and play pretend. He has very good manners, knows how to put his own clothes and shoes on, and is so independent sometimes i want to cry. He doesn’t talk very much yet. He can only say a few words. Doctors think he might be autistic, but we are learning sign language very quickly and find it’s very effective in helping us communicate. However, Sage does make a lot of noise. He can mimic almost any sound. He is very clever.

I will be writing a longer more boring post about all the things we went through. Only because I know how I wish I had read about someone else’s experiences with gastroschisis before having to go through it myself alone. I hope that you find my blog entertaining and useful.

When on my blog you can expect random posts of silliness, book reviews, toy reviews, makeup reviews, short fiction stories, updates on my website, stories about Sage of course, and links to websites you might find useful. Follow me on my journey to become a self-taught web developer!

If you want to read more about me click here.

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