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The First One Day Monday Post

Hello there,

happy Monday to you all and thanks for reading. This is my first #OneDayMonday post. I have finally gotten around to doing it. I have really been procrastinating but I decided if I really want to go through with it I must make myself get into this habit. So here it goes.

I haven’t really accomplished much other than the fact that I am starting to post more. I also, got a new pet that I would all like you all to meet very soon so stay tuned for that post.

Oh! I almost forgot that I just finished the Spiderwick Chronicles. I also, watched the movie after I finished the series and unfortunately for me, it was a total disappointment. I loved the books way better. I know it is crazy that I never read those books as a kid but I have now and I am glad I did. It is definitely a series I would like to buy and add to my book collection one day.

I will also be reading the second part to the Spiderwick Chronicles and will post a review about both hopefully soon. It is on my to-do list. Please have your kids read it if they haven’t yet. It is so much fun and full of adventure.

Now, this week I would love to get back into coding. Learning on my own is such a bummer. I lack a lot of motivation with all the things I am going through right now but it is something that I love to do and I can not wait to see G.G.{C} come to life. I am pretty good at HTML5 already so I am hoping soon I can move on to CSS3 and Java.

I also, have a scarf I am crocheting that I need to finish and then my next project will be some paper bead jewelry. I have recently fell in love with paper beads and can’t wait to get creative and see what I can come up with.

One more thing I would like to add to my list is my goal to read at least one big book or a few small books a week. I have really been lacking on reading. When I was younger I would allow myself to escape to different worlds all the time. Often times I would lock my self in my room with no television, computer, or phone. Reading was such a passion of mine and I am afraid all the tough stuff I have been through has made me lose a part of my self. So here’s to finding me.

I am so close to all my goals and so happy I have been spending time on myself and not all the drama in the world around me. I have really been through some tough stuff and getting back into blogging and reading has really help me keep myself stable through it all. Thank you guys so much for reading and feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have any questions.

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This is my first One Day Monday post. What the hell is #ONEDAYMONDAY ? Well, since im on a journey to becoming my dream I figured I would need some inspiration along the way and decided since Monday is the most dreadful day of the week I could make it a little more motivating.

Every Monday I will post a #ONEDAYMONDAY post and talk about all the things I want to accomplish, I have accomplished, and am so close to accomplishing. Keeping my mind focused week after week on the future. Forcing my self to think about it, write about it, and visualize it. Never forgetting why I started this blog and where I need to be going.

I totally encourage everyone else to take this and run with it. Make it a positive habit. Spread motivation around with it. Now, I am not sure if anyone else has ever done anything like this before but I am making it my thing now.

If you start participating in #onedaymonday please link your first post in the comment section below. I look forward to reading your posts.

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